Ahh, Spring has arrived. Looking for ways to naturally detox your body from its long winter nap? We profile our body’s own super detoxers and arm you with some strategies to help support them in their very important work.

Many of us think of spring as a time of renewal—so it’s a natural time to think of cleansing. Though our bodies are designed to naturally detoxify, with a few herbal allies and subtle diet changes, we can help aid the process, providing us with energy to spring into a new season.

What are some of our most important detoxifying organs, and how can we support them while they help rid our bodies of accumulated toxins?

One of the largest organs in the body, the liver has more than 500 important metabolic functions. It converts nutrients into substances the body can use, stores these substances, and, when they’re needed, supplies our body’s cells with them.

It also converts toxins into harmless substances or makes sure they’re released from the body. The liver also breaks down fats and produces energy. Additionally, liver cells play a role in blood clotting, producing bile to break down fats, and keeping blood sugar levels constant.